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5 Reasons An Open Day Is Good For Business

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5 Reasons An Open Day Is Good For Business

Holding an open day in your business is an excellent way of re engaging and motivating yourself, your staff and your clients. With all the doom and gloom out there wouldn’t it be great to remind everyone what a ray of sunshine (let’s face it that’s why your clients come to you anyway) that you and your team are.

An open day is a great reminder may be you are to them a little ray of sunshine, a haven in which to soothe away fears and worries or it may be to get a complete new look to face the world with…. Whatever the reason they come to you it will do you good to re motivate everyone involved in your business including yourself…

What can you expect to get from holding an open day?

  1. Your audience appreciates that you are spending your time giving them useful information and giving something back to them.
  2. You and your staff get motivated, open days create excitement and excitement is contagious! So clients and staff talk it will encourage word of mouth advertising.
  3. Your audience will be there because they interested in hearing about you and what you have to offer.
  4. It’s a great way to empower your staff when you trust them with tasks that in itself is motivating…
  5. Forget the worries of the world and it gives an inspiring focus for all…

How to get your Open Day started

  1. Brainstorm the event and the theme with your staff this get’s buy in from your team, it will make staff feel included and will motivate them. Delegate tasks this shows you trust your staff. Be fair and include everyone in the process…
  2. Create a campaign around having an open day. Give yourself plenty of time and plan it “remember campaign means raise awareness make the campaign the exciting part so clients want to participate. The promotions will come on the night as a little thank you for coming…
  3. Create a theme for the day that reflects the uniqueness of your business. Invite other speakers that may interest your audience for example invite a nutritionist along or someone that would compliment your business. Clients will come to something interesting it’s not really about sales it’s about awareness of your business and what you can offer.
  4. Use face book to market your open day. Face book loves conversations so the more you talk the more excitement will be created.. Use pictures, video’s links and ask questions to create interest on what’s going on in your business that day.
  5. Tell your clients there will be “free” goodie bag on the day. (Get your reps’s give you samples for goodie bags and maybe donate a raffle prize, Have spot prizes and give clients a free raffle ticket and let them know they are in with a chance of a good prize maybe a course treatment’s something worth attendance.
  6. Finally tell your clients in advance that you will be giving lots of offers on the day only… Remember forget the discounts and add value when creating offers…

Well good luck and have a really good exciting fun filled day to remember … Don’t forget to thank your staff for all their input too. Enjoy your open day and just watch the renewed enthusiasm that everyone will get!


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