5 Tips For A Better Salon Work-Life Balance

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5 Tips For A Better Salon Work-Life Balance

If you find that it is now more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your salon work and the rest of your life, you’re not alone. Beat the burnout blues by making more time for the activities and people that matter most to you.

Many salon owners put extra hours in to help pay the bills or use their smartphones to be on call when they’re not physically at work. Owning a salon is not about working as hard as you can for the sake of trying to make a living.

If you don’t have much control over the hours you have to work, you can focus on creating a better salon work-life balance. And for the moments when you really need to work through fatigue, here are some few tips to boost your productivity.

Five ways to better your salon work-life balance

1. Build downtime into your schedule

When you plan your week, make it a point to schedule time with your family, friends and activities that help you recharge. If a date night with your spouse or a jog with friends is on your calendar, you’ll have something to look forward to and an extra incentive to manage your time well so you don’t have to cancel.

2. Drop activities that sap your time or energy

Many people waste their time on activities or people that add no value — for example, spending too much time at work with a colleague who is constantly venting and gossiping or perhaps manually managing your stock. Take a look at some of the activities that don’t enhance your growth as a salon owner or personal life, and minimise the time you spend on them (Editor’s Note: We can help with the stock takes, by the way 😉 )

3. Rethink your errands and home chores

Consider whether you can outsource any of your time-consuming household chores or errands. Could you order your weekly shopping online and have it delivered right to your door? Hire a kid down the street to mow your lawn? Even if you’re on a tight budget, you may discover that the time you’ll save will make it worth it. You could always trade services with friends or clients. Everyone loves a barter. I used to look after my launderette owner’s hair in exchange for washing the towels. 🙂

4. Get moving

It’s hard to make time for exercise when you have a jam-packed schedule, but it may ultimately help you get more done by boosting your energy level and ability to concentrate. Research shows exercise can help you to be more alert, so why not factor a little me time into your schedule.

5. Remember that a little relaxation goes a long way

Don’t assume that you need to make big changes to bring more balance to your life. Why not plan to leave the salon earlier 1 night per week.

salon work-life balance

Slowly build more activities into your schedule that are important to you: maybe you can start by spending an hour a week on your hobby or planning a weekend getaway with your spouse. I won’t repeat this enough, a salon work-life balance is crucial.

Even during a hectic day, you can take 10 or 15 minutes to do something that will recharge your batteries. Take a bath, read a good book, go for a walk, or listen to music. You have to make a little time for the things that ignite your joy.

Salon work-life balance tip of the day: some simple boundaries

Set some guidelines in your salon: call them salon polices, salon procedures, systems, call them what you like. It’s a set of rules that you are comfortable with that you implement in your salon. Let your staff know what is expected of them. More importantly, let the staff know WHY this is important to you.

The key to having a better salon work-life balance is to work smarter, not harder. 😉

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