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Award-winning Beauty Blogger and TV Presenter Antonia Mariconda reveals how salon owners can grab her attention and get publicity.

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Award-winning Beauty Blogger and TV Presenter Antonia Mariconda reveals how salon owners can grab her attention and get publicity


Award-winning beauty blogger, and Sky’s Fitness and Beauty TV presenter, Antonia Mariconda, a.k.a the cosmedic coach recently gave the marketing team in Phorest a few minutes of her precious time. In addition to blogging and media work, Antonia is a strong campaigner for safety in beauty and cosmetic surgery.

We wanted to pick her brains (and beauty of course!) on how salon owners can grab the attention of an award-winning blogger like Antonia Mariconda to get amazing brand-awareness and exposure.

I’m a salon owner who’s really excited about my styles, treatments and/or products. How do I get you excited about them too so you’ll mention me in your blog?

“You need to talk to me about something different and new. Tell me why it is interesting in no more than one sentence i.e. the powerful “hook” – then I will want to know more. Visual imagery also works. A stunning/interesting/captivating photograph with a simple sentence can be the perfect yet simple pitch in getting your message across.”


What’s the single biggest mistake salon owners make when it comes to approaching you for coverage?

“The awful “Hello would you like to come in and try a complementary treatment?” email. Any serious writer will not respond to a simple vague request like that. If you are going to approach a beauty or hair writer, bowl her over with an amazing fact, stat, piece of research, innovative launch or development, or, even better, a fabulous before and after picture of a case study that will speak volumes.”


What’s the best first point-of-contact to capture your attention: e.g. should I send you a product sample, tweet you, offer you a free treatment, approach you at an event, comment on your blog?

“Write a simple summary in an email – no more than 2-3 sentences, preferably with a fantastic supporting photograph of what you want the writer’s audience to learn or read. For example, open with a stat, an attention grabbing headline and a great photo to support your pitch. You’ll have the beauty writers’ attention and it’ll get them asking for more information”

Should every salon owner have their own blog too? 

“Depends. There’s some really easy free blogging tools out there like WordPress. If you feel like you haven’t got the creative flair  to write blog posts, then just put your effort into a fantastic Facebook page with lots of great visual images or be exciting, push yourself outside the comfort zone and do tutorials with short videos on Youtube. None of this is easy at the start, it takes dedication and daily commitment but it really is worth it.”


Finally, can you give us an example of a promotion that a salon recently did that really grabbed your attention? 

“I always think that beautiful, stunning photographs and imagery really grab my attention. Take a look at this beautiful photo used by Dermaspa in Milton Keynes to promote a beautiful HD eyebrows for example. It’s classy, aspirational and attention grabbing.”

HD Brows Antonia Mariconda

Have a question for Antonia Mariconda? Just post it in the comments below and she’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading. Until next week!


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