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Brand New Salon Prom & Debs Marketing Ideas

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Brand New Salon Prom & Debs Marketing Ideas

On our second episode of #AskPhorest, Celia from The Hair Boutique asked us if we had any new and unique salon Prom & Debs marketing ideas.

As you know, on #AskPhorest, we answer each question with a video (which you can see here)

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While I was working on some of these salon Prom & Debs marketing ideas, I realised that I should probably expand this into an actual full article for the Phorest Blog and provide you guys with a marketing kit for the upcoming event!

So, as mentioned in the video, we broke down the salon Prom marketing strategy into three main area: SMS, Email & Social Media

Let’s start with SMS first:

Salon Prom & Debs SMS Marketing

In the #AskPhorest episode, I highlighted the BIG opportunity you have in referral marketing. Since we know that many young ladies will be wanting to look their very best for the big night, then why not make that your marketing strategy.

There are two ways that you can go about it. Send an SMS informing young girls that they will receive bonus TreatCard points or a goodie bag if they bring a friend in with them (While the friend is there, collect her details so that you can market to her at a later date as well).

The other alternative is to focus on the mothers and build your campaign around rewarding them for bringing their daughters in for their hair and beauty treatments.

Our very own Louise from the Grow Team has put together a couple of templates that you can use to inform your clients of this opportunity:

Full DEBS ahead <<clientfirstname>>! Get stylish with a friend @SALONNAME & Fill up your Treatcard with 200 points! Book this week here <<link>>

<<clientfirstname>>, Go glam with your best friend @SALONNAME! Sparkling wine & Tan or Lashes for 2 with any <<service>> this month! Call 12345678

<<clientfirstname>>, Go Hairsclusive with @SALONNAME! FREE File & Paint with any Blowdry service this week! Call 12345678

<<clientfirstname>>, Get that sparkle @SALONNAME for your Debs night! FREE Expr. File & Paint with any Blowdry service this week! Call 12345678

<<clientfirstname>>, Have a glam Debs night with SALONNAME! Get a FREE Blowdry when you book a Manicure & Gelish this week! Call 12345678

<<clientfirstname>>, Let SALONNAME glam you up for your Debs night! FREE File & Paint with any Blowdry service, book this week! Call 12345678

<<clientfirstname>>, It’s Debsclusive Day @SALONNAME! FREE File & Paint with any Blowdry service this week! Call 12345678

If you would like some additional assistance in this area, please feel free to contact Louise at

Salon Prom & Debs Email Marketing

As promised, here are some salon Prom & Debs graphics that you can use to spruce up your email marketing (Feel free to use these on Facebook and Twitter as well):



Social Media

In the video we discuss the idea of having a Prom Queen competition for your own salon. This could be a very fun, very impactful way to make a splash this Prom/Debs season.

However, if the idea of a Prom Queen isn’t for you, how about you use the weeks leading up to the BIG Day as a chance to show potential clients some possible styles that they can have. If you don’t have photos of your own work, then you could always find the answer on Google.
Here are a handful of possible Hair & Beauty photos that you can present to clients to give them a sense of inspiration (and don’t forget to incentivize them to book with you by leaving a link to your online booking in each post)



Now obviously you would have a lot more knowhow about Prom and Debs styles than little old me! So treat these as examples and go from there!

Hope you found these salon Prom & Debs marketing ideas helpful!

If you have any more salon marketing questions for us, please drop them in the comments below or use the hashtag #AskPhorest on social media and we shall respond with a video!

As a little treat, the first 5 questions we receive in the comment will win customized Prom & Debs marketing graphics from us!

Thanks for reading!



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