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How To React To Your Salon Customer… According To Prince

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How To React To Your Salon Customer… According To Prince

You gotta love clients! No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, a salon customer still can surprise you, right? And sometimes it can be a little difficult hiding your gut-reaction to what your clients might say or do.

But the good news is that you are not alone…

We decided to have a little fun on this funky fresh Friday and see if we can get you to nod your head and say to yourself “Yep, I’ve been there…”

And what better way to sum up some of the highs and lows of salon life than by turning His Highness himself, the artist former known as The Artist: Prince.

We would love to hear how many of these salon scenarios you can relate to:

How To React To Your Salon Customer According To Prince

When you see a client mess with their look immediately after you’ve spent hours perfecting it:


When you spot your favourite salon customer walking into the neighbouring salon:


Whenever a client tells you to make them look exactly like Beyoncé:


When you’ve applied the very last finishing touch on perfection:


When a salon customer complains about their hair style, but you know they actually love it:


When you overhear a client raving about you:


When they tell you that compliment to your face:


When a client tells you they’ve developed their very own skincare routine:


When a client comes in with their very own DIY work:


When a client says they’ll never go to another therapist… And you think “Honey, I KNOW!”


When another stylist’s client overhears you dropping some beauty wisdom to your customer:


When you just can’t cope with how fabulous your own work is:


And there it is! Now be honest.. How many of these moments can you relate to? Let us know in our Phorest Vote-o-meter right below!

Thanks for reading this article. Hope it gave you a little smile or two (And don’t worry, we all know you love your fabulous salon customers and clients! 😉 )

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