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Salon Snapchat Marketing: An Untouched Gold Mine For Your Business

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Salon Snapchat Marketing: An Untouched Gold Mine For Your Business

We’ve never been more individually targeted with information, new social media platforms, apps and advertising. Business-wise, it’s the same. We’re constantly being sold the great, revolutionary features of a new app hitting the market. Which brings me to salon Snapchat marketing.

Launched in 2011, Snapchat is not yet just another social media platform. It’s a one-to-one and group messaging app that has now over 100 million daily active users, making it one of the hottest social networks at this time. In fact, despite its vanishing content, Snapchat is currently positioning itself as the most vivid, instant and unique way to chat.

How Does It Work?

You snap a photo or video, add a caption, a filter and send it to your contacts. They can then view this image until it disappears from their screen, never to be seen again (unless they screen grab it, of course).

Long classified as an app for exchanging self-destruct videos, Snapchat is now a fantastic marketing tool as you can offer exclusive content on the platform, and play with the sense of urgency it provides users. Remember, Snapchat offers the advantage of a greater engagement rate because users choose where their attention goes by deciding who they follow.

This is the best way for your clients and prospects to feel your salon’s atmosphere and energy, ensuring that you are always their first choice when wanting to feel beautiful. Also, Snapchat is an excellent way to reach this younger audience who, let’s face it, will grow into your next regular customers.

Be an influencer.

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Valuable Content

It is easy to get carried away when you are first starting your salon Snapchat marketing. Most people end up posting ridiculous images of themselves.

There is a lot you can post on Snapchat, but the key is adding value to what you post. With some rules and guides, you can maximise your salon Snapchat game (Something I’m sure your competitors are not doing). So, what will you share?

Salon Snapchat Marketing Ideas

Snapchat is different than Facebook and Instagram, more personal in some ways. To get you started, why not use the Phorest Go App’s Before & After Photos we released a little over a month ago? Phorest Salon Sofware is the FIRST and ONLY salon software to integrate with Snapchat!

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  • Product Reviews –  Use Snapchat’s 10-second video creatively to review your products.
  • Before & After Photos – Clips from the progress of a Before and After.
  • Event coverage – Bring your following to VIP events, tradeshows and conferences!
  • Staff Stories – This is a great way for your clients to build relationships with your employees.  Remember, people buy from people. Why not show off your team in your salon Snapchat marketing?
  • Salon Snapchat Insights –  Industry insights are an excellent way to educate your clients and add value to your brand.
  • Tips and Tricks – Offer quick tips and tricks that your clients can try out at home.
  • Promotions –  Run your special promotions exclusively to your salon Snapchat following (More on that later).
  • Competitions –  Do this and get that. Use contests to reward your loyal following. How about incorporating your TreatCard system in with your Snapchat marketing?
  • Daily Salon Snaps – Promote the great work you and your team are doing.

The list is as big as your imagination. So what are you waiting for? 

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