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Prime Back-To-School September Salon Marketing Ideas

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Except maybe Christmas, the longest and most lucrative shopping season of the year has to be Back-To-School. And if clothing and supplies companies can make hit record-breaking profits during that period, you can too. In all honesty, the number and types of September salon marketing ideas are infinite.

It’s just a matter of selecting a few and making them work together.

This month’s marketing toolkit includes a few ideas around social media presence and brand awareness to steer customers your way before the bell rings!

Back-To-School Salon Brand Awareness & Social Push

Why Make A Social Media Push?

It’s the end of the summer, and with the mass of people either going back to school or teaching, this period of the year is significant in terms money spent. It’s the perfect time to make yourself stand out on social media as your clients, and potential clients will be looking to do most of their last minute shopping online. And last minute shopping often leads to stress… See where I’m going?

If you are present online, you are what potential clients see as an easy solution to stressed minds and bodies! 😉

Among what you will find included in your FREE September salon marketing ideas toolkit: 10 Back-To-School orientated Facebook cover pictures (for all tastes) and 5 Instagram ready Book Online promotional posts. A great way to start planning your social media push.


Boosting Posts On Facebook With A Target Audience

If you decide to run a contest or post back-to-school retail packages on Facebook and then boost the post, make sure you target the right audience. In this case, you might want to specifically target parents, teachers and students. Set your audience accordingly: gender, age, location and interests. Then, choose a budget and how long you want your ad to run for. This way you will reach the people you know are going to be willing to spend in your salon, all for the sake of having the perfect look on school’s first day. For more assistance on running your very own Facebook campaign, you can watch our FREE Facebook Webinar!

september salon marketing ideas

September salon marketing ideas: Snapchat & Instagram Stories

Let’s face it: most of the clients of yours that are students are probably between 18 and 25 years old. And, as you know, this age bracket is the most active on social media, especially Snapchat and Instagram. Don’t forget to advertise the fact they can book their appointments online – phones in classes are technically not allowed, but we all know they make their way to class regardless. 😉

It doesn’t need to be a complicated or back-to school graphic either! In which case, you could go for something like this:

september salon marketing ideas

Back-to-school is the perfect opportunity to boost your presence on the younger platforms. So, with this in mind, one idea I think could be really great is to create a “The Perfect Products To Get Ready In 15 Minutes” school retail package and you demonstrate how to use in a Snapchat Story or Instagram Stories. It’s interactive and because you’ll be giving out a quick, easy-to-use solution for students (they will eventually be lacking sleep), it’s bound to be something people react to strongly.

september salon marketing ideas

Other Snapchat or Instagram Story ideas could be hair and makeup tutorials, introduce new retail products, Q&A’s, contests and Before & After photos. Maybe you could start a “Wall Of Fame” album or hashtag – people would love the attention. Speaking of which, the Phorest Go App integrates with Snapchat AND Instagram, making it easier than ever to share your collages to the world. Have a look at the video below to see how easy it really is!

Oh, and before you go!

Soon enough, we’ll be launching a brand new eBook: The Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide to SnapchatIn the meanwhile, download the app and save this code below – or if you’re already on the platform, add us! 😉

We’ve got something pretty juicy in store for you…

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september salon marketing ideas

And, for a fully comprehensive guide on how to use Instagram Stories, check out this article.


Additional September Salon Marketing Ideas

september salon marketing ideas

International Charity Day – Monday, September 5th

When we say raising brand awareness, this is a great way to do so. For example here in Phorest, we’re organising a 1950’s Dance Party with haircuts and beauty makeup on the day for the Friends of the Elderly Charity in Ireland tomorrow, at the Gresham Hotel. Be on social media on the day, make it fun and show memorable!

Depending on what your business does – whether you’re a salon, spa, nail bar, clinic or barbershop – look for an organisation to dedicate even half a day to. A little charitable hand goes a long way; no need to tell you that for some of the helped ones, it’s a life changer.

Mud Pack Day – Friday, September 30th

Beauty and spa-oriented, this salon marketing idea is great for SMS and Email campaigns (you will find some ideas in your free toolkit). Another thing you could easily do is organise a raffle, promoted on Facebook. The idea? Let’s say you make price the raffle entry to €5 and you set €60 worth of a facial. Quick math, you only need 12 people to enter the raffle to match your price and not give away the facial for free. If you get loads of entries, maybe you can announce special extra winners (make sure you stay profitable).


Hopefully, you have found our September salon marketing ideas helpful! We look forward to seeing all the creative ideas you come up with!

Thanks for reading!


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september salon marketing ideas

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