12 Statements You Will Only Hear From An Average Salon Owner

Every once and a while, we come across a fantastic article in a different industry and think, “Hey, I bet our readers would love this!” Well, today is one of those days and it’s led us to compile 12 statements we believe separate a successful salon owner from an average one. We’ve even created and linked you to a printout to encourage your staff to change their mindsets too! Enjoy!

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Phrases An Average Salon Owner Says…

  1. Cheap salons are ruining the industry.
  2. I’m not in it for the money. I’m in it for the art.
  3. I’m going to spend money to buy the all latest trends in products & equipments.
  4. It’s impossible to make money in this profession. Clients simply don’t see my worth.
  5. I hate selling.
  6. My clients come here to see me, not my team.
  7. Clients would never spend that amount of money.
  8. I need to discount in order to get clients in.
  9. I am up until the morning working on my business.
  10. You can’t make the same amount of money in the salon industry that you could 15 years ago.
  11. I cant afford to spend a day outside the salon, it won’t run by itself!
  12. I just hope I can last a little bit longer in business until I retire.
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What A Successful Salon Owner Says Instead…

  1. I run my salon as a business and provide so much more than a service – cheaper salons don’t affect me.
  2. I know my worth, my creativity, knowledge and expertise deserve to be rewarded financially.
  3. I spend my money carefully on equipment and marketing that brings in clients.
  4. I know what makes me different from my competitors, and that gives me a competitive edge. I also carefully brand myself in a very calculated way which helps me build my reputation within the industry.
  5. Retail is an extension of the services we offer clients.
  6. I surround myself with positive and successful individuals. That’s why I only hire people who are better than me. I wouldn’t be able to run my business without my team.
  7. My work immediately communicates professionalism and my clients understand what my services are worth.
  8. I never let any client leave my salon unless they have been received with exceptional care. My clients understand and respect me more because of it.
  9. Because I make an amazing living, I can afford to enjoy my love of hair and beauty outside of work and go on holidays all over the world.
  10. I assume 100% responsibility for my failures as well as my success.
  11. I hire top specialists in my area to assist me in my salon so I can spend time expanding my business and taking it to the next level.
  12. I want to make as much as I can from my profession to provide an amazing life for my family and to be able to make a difference by donating to worthy causes. The world is a better place because of my success and the fabulous work I provide my clients

Pretty huge difference, right? Without getting all philosophical, your perspective as a salon owner on what you and your business are worth has a direct impact on how your clientele perceives you, if they recommend you to their friends, etc.

Download this staff room reminder, print it off and stick it up on the wall. Maybe even call a short meeting to run the team through the benefits of having a constant positive mental attitude!

Thanks for reading! #LetsGrow

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This post was originally published in July 2015 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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